Because of human activities, the population of butterflies and bees has plummeted, and this contributes negatively to agricultural products globally. This is because butterflies and bees are two of the world’s greatest pollinators, and with their number dwindling in the past two decades, some trees and plants can never be able to bear fruits.

There are many ways on how to make your landscape pretty and one of which is to call a lawn service Miami that could provide you professional service when it comes to making your garden aesthetically perfect and functional. And, there are also proactive ways on how to provide a good haven for these pollinators. The following are the seven effective ways on how to attract more butterflies to your garden.

1.Grow native plants in your garden

Growing native plants in your area will not just attract pollinators, but will also help to support your local farmers that market and sell the plants and seedlings. Why does opting for native plants will attract pollinators? This is because butterflies and bees who are raised and evolved in the local areas and the local fauna will be able to find your garden and plants safe for them.

2.Plant flowers with bright, vivid colors

Butterflies like flowers with bright colors and so having them will attract these pollinators. Butterflies like colors that are either yellow, pink, orange, red, or purple. Also, plant flowers that have short-flowering tubes and flat-topped.

3. Always plant your flowers where they are exposed to the sun

Butterflies are attracted to places where there is more sun exposure. So, make sure that you plant your flowerbed not under trees (if you have trees), and make sure they have good sun exposure.

4.Spas for butterflies

Butterflies do not need hot sauna but they prefer a bath under the sun where they prefer to bath in the mud where they could mineralize and drink some water. You can also create pudding spots for them by filling in pans or dishes with water ad sand under the sun.

5.Plant the correct milkweed

If you want to attract the monarch, you need to plant the right milkweed as they only feed on this plant. You need to be very careful though as there are may type of milkweed that you need to choose from. Check out this guide for finding the right milkweed to attract the monarch.

6. Do not use pesticide

Using pesticides will shoo away pests that could create damage or bring diseases to your plants, but they also discourage pollinators and butterflies. In fact, some pesticides really kill butterflies. It is also better if you discourage the whole neighborhood from using pesticides as this will help local butterflies swarm around your area.

The following are the plants that are good for butterflies according to the National Wildlife Federation:

  • Dun Skipper
  • Gray Comma
  • Henry’s Elfin
  • Monarch
  • Black Swallowtail
  • Pygmy Blue
  • Painted Lady
  • Final thoughts

There is nothing better than taking you are helping a species while at the same time having fun doing your hobby in the garden. If you plan on making a garden, make sure that you follow all the tips we have shared here with you to attract butterflies and help out the environment by helping this species.