Are you planning to rent a self-storage unit? If so, you’re probably thinking about a cold, barely lit, and dim room with little-to-no security. However, that is not the case at all. Keep in mind that there are a lot of various storage units available out there.  

One of the best types of storage units you can rent is a premium storage unit. It’s the most common option for storing business inventory, expensive items, and art pieces.  

If you’re planning to rent a storage unit, it should offer you peace of mind. It should be secure and safe. Today, we’re going to share with you a couple of things about a premium outdoor storage Barrie 

Ideal for Storing Cars 

Premium storage is ideal for storing a seasonal car that you plan on storing away for a period. The additional security and climate-controlled environment from a premium storage can help protect your vehicle. Thus, you can guarantee you’ll come back to its excellent condition. 

Helpful for Business Storage 

If you’re a business owner or an entrepreneur, you might benefit from the use of premium storage units. You can save money on warehousing, store important documents, and inventory. If you make art pieces, you can store your tools, canvases, sculptures, and creations on premium storage. You’ll have a dedicated space for your project while still keeping separated from your personal life.  

Access to Internet and Power 

Phone connection, internet, and hydro are included if you rent premium storage. This is particularly helpful if you need access to the Internet, run a landline, or plug in a freezer. With these extra amenities, you’ve got a lot of flexibility when it comes to the items you’re storing and how you’re planning to store them.  

Overhead Loading Doors for Convenience 

Premium storage units are ideal for luxurious and high-end items. However, they’re also ideal for items, tools, and furniture pieces that are extremely hard to move from one area to another. The reason for this is that premium units typically have overhead loading doors. This will help make unloading and loading easy. Premium storage units are intended to provide additional convenience to users. 

Extra Security Alarms and Measures 

One advantage of premium storage units is that they include extra security features compared to regular ones. Every premium storage is equipped with an extra alarm for peace of mind and additional security. You’ll be the only person who can access the unit via a computer access control system. The storage company will offer you a special code to deactivate the alarm and enter the facility to access your storage.  

Climate Control 

Humidity and heat can easily damage items such as jewelry, art, furniture, wood, and much more. Humidity can also seep inside appliances and electronics. This can cause them to break down. Because of this, it is ideal to rent a storage unit that has climate control. Fortunately, a premium unit has this feature.  

A climate-controlled self-storage unit can easily maintain a stable temperature to avoid humidity and mold growth.