It’s normal to formulate many questions after you get arrested for a Driving Under the Influence case. If ever you’ll be pulled over for DUI, here are the things that you should know beforehand. 

When you happen to be stopped by a cop, what must you say when they ask if you have been drinking? 

The best thing you can do is to explain to them nicely that you would need to speak with a lawyer before you can start answering any of their questions. Make sure not to respond to the incriminating questions they give you. Meaning, you need to only provide them as few details as you can without being disrespectful or rude. For instance, saying that you had 1-2 beers isn’t incriminating. It would explain the odor that you have on your breath, but it won’t be enough to cause intoxication. 

What do polices usually search for from drunk drivers on the road? 

Most DUI arrests take place on the weekends and at night. The following list displays some of the indicators of drunk driving from least common to most common according to the National Highway Traffic Administration’s research: 

  • “Appearing to be drunk” 
  • Actual driving is inconsistent with signaling 
  • Delayed response to traffic signals 
  • Drifting 
  • Driving into oncoming traffic 
  • Driving less than 10 mph under the limit 
  • Driving on surface other than the designated roadway 
  • Driving with no headlights on 
  • Following closely 
  • Nearly hitting a vehicle or object 
  • Randomly braking 
  • Speeding up or slowing down erratically  
  • Stopping abruptly in a traffic lane 
  • Stopping inappropriately 
  • Straddling the center of a lane marker 
  • Sudden or illegal turning 
  • Swerving 
  • Tires touching the center or lane marker 
  • Weaving 
  • Wide turn 

Do you have the right to a lawyer when you’ll be asked to take a field sobriety test? 

Your right to having a lawyer with you is specified under the Miranda Rights, which don’t take effect until you’re put under arrest. Most of the time, once the cop asks you to take the FST, they have already decided to take and arrest you, and the results of such a test will serve as extra evidence. The most vital thing to do is to contact your DUI lawyer Los Angeles as soon as possible and ask the cops politely to document the request time. The best thing you can do is to hand over your proof of insurance, registration, and driver’s license over and do nothing more. The less you do, the smaller the possibility of potential evidence will be seen.   

What do you do if you’re asked to take FST? 

Know that there are different types of tests that the police officers can choose to do should they agree to do so. Commonly, they choose to carry out three to six tests. Remember that you’re not legally required to take to any FSTs, and it would be appropriate if you respectfully refuse them to perform such tests.   

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