Whenever you are renovating your bathroom, one of the major decisions you need to make is whether to install a bathtub/shower combination or a walk-in shower. Both styles have their unique benefits. However, what design should you choose? 

When you are renovating your bathroom, the most crucial thing to think about is how you’ll utilize the room. Since it’s a vital feature of your house that many people use, you might want to opt for a walk-in shower. This is particularly true if you’re worried about saving water. 

Compared to a walk-in shower, a traditional bathtub takes up more water. However, a bathtub/shower combination might be your best bet if you want a more luxurious bathing experience.  

So, should you go for a bathtub or a shower remodel Seminole FL project? Let’s find out! 

Benefits of Bathtub/Shower Combination 

  • Excellent for Treating Sore Muscles and Relaxation 

If you regularly experience sore muscles after working out, a bathtub can be an excellent place to recover and relax. Furthermore, taking a hot bath can help boost your sleep quality. You should also think about installing a freestanding bathtub if you want to add a bit of luxury to your house. 

  • A More Traditional Choice 

A bathtub/shower combination is your best bet if you want a more traditional bathroom style. This kind of layout sometimes offers more storage space. If you’ve got a smaller bathroom, then a bathtub/shower combination will be a better option in terms of space. 

  • Best for Family Houses 

A bathtub/shower combination can be the more practical option. The reason for this is that it enables more bathing space and makes it simpler to bathe pets or young kids. Also, it’s a safer choice since the bathtub provides a place for them to sit while you wash them. 

Benefits of a Walk-In Shower 

  • An Aesthetically Appealing Style 

A walk-in shower that is well-designed can be more aesthetically appealing compared to a traditional bathtub. It can make your bathroom look brighter and feel bigger. It can also provide your house with a more modern feel. 

  • More Appropriate for Smaller Spaces 

If you’ve got a small bathroom, a walk-in shower can help you get the most out of your available space. The reason for this is that a walk-in shower will take up less room compared to a bathtub. However, it will still offer all the advantages of a shower. 

  • Improved Accessibility 

A walk-in shower gets rid of the need to step over a high edge. Of course, for a couple of individuals with mobility issues, this can be impossible or difficult. Also, this makes it easier for those who utilize wheelchairs.  

  • Lowers Water Consumption 

A walk-in shower greatly takes up less water compared to a bathtub. According to studies, a regular bathtub utilizes around 35 to 50 gallons of water. On the other hand, a walk-in shower only utilizes around 2 gallons. 

So, which style should you pick? Well, the answer greatly depends on your needs. When you’re renovating your bathroom, it’s always ideal to work with a professional for help.